4 Things To Look Out For Before You Buy Retractable Barriers in Brisbane

When you hear the words “crowd control,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the image of a team of heavy set security officers who are responsible for preventing mayhem at a packed event? Alternatively, do you imagine police officers directing traffic to ensure a more seamless flow? Whatever your idea of crowd control is, you should know that there are simpler and more affordable ways to maintain order in a venue or event. Retractable barriers are the perfect solution to keeping a Brisbane crowd under control.


Not only are they easy to assemble and maintain, but they’re also flexible and affordable. How do you know that you’ve found the perfect retractable barriers for your crowd management needs? Here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction when investing in one:


1) Material Options For Withstanding Material Circumstances


Depending on whether you need to direct queues at an educational facility’s admissions centre or manage crowds at a music festival, you’ll have to consider the types of materials that your retractable barriers are made from. Where a metal structure would work well indoors, it might not be the best idea for outdoor use. Rain and other weather conditions can cause rust and other damage in barriers not created for outdoor use.


2) Space Matters – The Right Belt Length For Your Needs


Pay special attention to the options you have when it comes to your barrier’s belt length. If you’re facilitating long queues for lengthy periods, you should consider an extended length.


3) Colours, Prints & Branding To Help Your Event/Business Stand Out


Retractable barriers are part of the bigger picture when it comes to how customers experience your business. Try out fun colours that complement your property or event decor to set a cheerful tone. Ask your retractable barrier supplier in Brisbane if it’s possible to have the belts branded too. This will put a subtle stamp of your brand’s identity in an unexpected place.


4) Attachable & Detachable Situation-Specific Accessories


Needs vary from business to business, so make sure that you ask about anything you may need to have added or removed to your retractable barrier structure. At Crowd Control Systems, we have an array of accessories that can enhance the look, efficiency, and safety of the barriers that you choose.


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