4 Types And Uses Of Crowd Control Systems

Crowd control systems are almost everywhere, but not all of them are alike. Many options are available, depending on what you’re attempting to do. If you suspect that you might need such as system, here are the four most popular types currently being produced by rope barrier suppliers. Which one applies best to your needs? 




Tensabarriers are a form of crowd control that we see in banks and shopping centres. They’re also known as retractable belt barriers. Tensabarriers consist of standing posts and belts that pull out from the post and can be attached to another standing post. They can be set up in any pattern, and when unattached, the belts retract quickly. They’re easy to use and set up too.


Stanchion Ropes


Stanchion ropes are similar to tensa barriers but used in more sophisticated and elegant types of settings. For example, you would see posts in chrome, bronze or gold colouring using velvet ropes in colours of red, gold, royal blue or more. Stanchion ropes are used as crowd control systems in places like hotels, theatres and award ceremonies.


 Wall Mount Barriers


Wall mount barriers are the same as tensabarriers, except they take up no floor space because there are no posts. Wall mount barriers use retractable belts, except they are mounted to the wall. These are used in warehouses and stores to restrict access to corridors or unsafe areas. 




Barriers and barricades may seem like the same thing, but they’re used in different types of situations. Barriers are more of a ‘mental barrier,’ which means that when you see one – for example at a farmer’s market or a fair, you immediately know that that area is out of bounds.




Barricades are the ultimate crowd control system. They look similar to barriers, except they’re thicker and heavier. They’re also not set up as free-standing pieces and are linked together to create an immovable fence that can’t be opened or crossed. These are used specifically to control crowds that are protesting or rioting. 


There are many types of crowd control systems available – all requiring different rope barrier supplies. Whether you need stanchion ropes or retractable belt barriers, Crowd Control Systems can help you meet your needs.