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Our crowd control barriers are different. Here’s why…

Crowd Control Systems are Australia’s leading pedestrian barrier supplier.
We specialise in crowd control equipment, retractable bollards, tensa-style
retractable barriers, and post & rope barriers.

We are constantly developing innovative and new retractable bollards to handle all your queue management requirements. With over 10 years supplying the Australian market, we have ensured all of our products conform to strict Australian safety standards.

  • All Barriers are covered by 7 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Our standard retractable units have a 3 metre belt compared to 1.8m to 2.0m for the opposition.
  • All our retractable barriers have our patented slow-retract safety cassettes as standard. They don’t spring back quickly to damage people’s hands.
  • Our posts and rope system’s rope length is standard 2 metres with snap hooks at both ends. We have exclusive braided nylon Australian made barrier ropes, ensuring resistance and durability
  • We talk to you! We’ll answer your enquiry or quote request promptly and answer any questions you have about crowd control barriers.

We have an extensive range of crowd control products and accessories that will fulfil your every need.
Contact us for a crowd control barrier quote.

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Our factory has substantial Quality Control checks in place to ensure that when you receive your products, they are meet our quality standards.

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