Affordable, effective crowd control equipment from wall stanchions to wall barriers

Does your business frequently deal with heavy foot traffic through its doors? Are you planning  to hold an event that will draw large crowds? If so you will need to be able to control this flow of movement from beginning to end using wall stanchions and other crowd control equipment so that everything goes smoothly and everyone is safe.


Investing in crowd control equipment is a great way of taking extra safety measures to protect both your employees and customers. This will decrease your chances of damage to your goods or property and help you manage any large gatherings with ease.


You can trust Crowd Control Systems Australia to provide you with all the safe, effective and affordable crowd control equipment you need.




We are a leading Australian supplier of wall mount barriers in different lengths, recessed wall mount belt barriers and stainless steel wall belt stanchions systems, which are manufactured from only the finest and most robust stainless steel or PVC materials available on the market.


Each piece of equipment – from our retractable bollards to our stanchions and ropes – is perfect for creating barriers and setting up temporary queues. They can be used in hotels, trade shows and restaurants.


If you need a barrier to restrict spaces or create aisles, our barriers can be conveniently fitted to doorways, freeing up floor space. Our design features a retracta-belt mounting system with a patented braking safety cassette for peace of mind and our wall mounted belt stanchion units are equipped with opposite side brackets too.




If you’d like your selection of crowd control equipment to promote your brand, we offer custom logo or advertisement printing on queue barrier system belts and stanchion sign holders. While our belts come in red, black, yellow/black, blue and red/white, a custom colour and casing can be arranged on request.


You can also customise your PVC belt length up to 10 metres, with a standard belt being 3 metres long for stainless steel and 5 metres long for PVC wall units.


When you need to simplify your crowd control, we have the best solutions. Make us your preferred supplier of quality products at the best prices by getting in touch today.

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