What are airport barriers and why does your business need them?

Airports have become more commonplace as local and international travel becomes more affordable to the average Australian. According to the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, over five million passengers travelled on domestic commercial airlines in April 2017, and over 54 982 recorded aircraft trips occurred. The number of people passing through Australian airports keeps on increasing, and with this increase in incoming and outgoing air traffic,comes an increased need for high-quality airport barriers.

This begs the question, what is an airport barrier and what makes it any different from a standard barricade? It’s also worth asking why professionals should opt for using specialised airport barriers over standard ones.

Airport barriers are primarily used in outdoor environments and work zones in an airport. They are used where a clear division of a work space needs to be indicated, but unlike standard barriers, they are used to alert staff of areas to stay clear from.

Airport barriers are used to barricade off areas where the fuelling of large planes occur, so that staff members on the ground have a visual indication of where they can and cannot walk. As such, airport barriers need to be made of UV resistant and durable materials, and should require low maintenance and be non-conductive so as to be keep workers safe from potential sparks that the machines might emit. They also need to be highly visible and reflective for safe use in foggy or less visible conditions.

Airport barriers tend to be short, modular,and easy to stack.You should also be able to connect several together in case a longer barricade is required. The airport barrier’s low height allows them to remain on the ground and out of the way of strong winds and passing air blasts from aircrafts. Some can be filled with water or reinforced with sandbags for additional stability while still providing a clear demarcation in almost any condition. Airport barriers can also be assembled quickly, or moved if required, and their relatively lightweight and modular shape also makes them easier to stack and pack away when not in use.

If you need more reasons on why airport barriers are so important to airport safety, or need assistance in selecting one for your needs, we recommend that you contact the team at Crowd Control Systems Australia today.

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