Why Aluminium Stanchions Are Your Best All-Weather Crowd Control System

Controlling crowds can be quite tedious and time-consuming. There’s always some altercation or another as tensions run high, and when people are queuing for a concert, a book signing event or even at the bank, it can be challenging to keep everyone in line. Aluminium stanchions can work wonders in maintaining control in a specific environment. What makes this form of crowd control stand out from its contemporaries? For starters, you can use it in any situation without worrying about it rusting or breaking down due to the elements. Here’s why this crowd controlling apparatus is ideal for your business or institution.

A Long Lasting Crowd Control Option

Aluminium stanchions create a durable, non-corrosive safety barrier to keep people in line or out of a designated area. It’s fit for use both inside or outside. These stanchions are made up of many materials that work together to ensure a great product, and aluminium is used with strength and weather durability in mind.

An aluminium stanchion has a custom made 360mm ABS base that fits snugly into a standard base, with a bottom plate lined with a protective rubber ring. This protects your floors from damage as well as from scuff marks, which is critical in indoor areas where your flooring can be easily damaged.

Aluminium stanchions incorporate rustproof tubing, making it durable in wet or hot weather. Aluminium posts typically sit on a heavy disc-shaped base that helps to stabilise it. This means that even when exposed to humidity or rain it won’t degrade and that strong breezes and even storms won’t be able to knock it over.

At the top of an aluminium stanchion, you will find a metal ring for attaching a rope. There are quite a few different colours and styles to choose from when looking into using a safety barrier for your business. Aluminium stanchions come in various metallic colours, such as chrome, gold, glass or silver, to ensure light reflectiveness and visibility even in dull conditions.

Here at Crowd Control Systems, we have a wide variety of different stanchions to choose from. Do you need aluminium stanchions for an event or your business’s daily operations? Then let us assist you in finding the perfect choice for your crowd control needs.

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