Barriers and Queue Ropes for Your Crowd Control Needs

Queue ropes and barriers have become such a regular part of our daily lives, most people don’t give them a second thought. Both temporary and permanent barriers serve as a form of non-verbal communication. When people don’t know where to queue in a building or open space, these barriers guide them to the right place. They also communicate access restrictions to avoid situations where people enter areas they aren’t authorised to.


Whether you’re hosting a festival, opening nightclub or trying to manage the day-to-day functioning of a bank – crowd control will be a recurring challenge. Different types of barriers can help direct traffic and manage crowds if placed correctly. The experts at Crowd Control Systems have compiled a list of barriers and queue ropes that can be used to help you manage the comings and goings at your event or building.


Stylish Stanchion Barriers


Stanchion barriers are some of the most popular types of railing you can get. Think of the quintessential “VIP area”, and stanchions are what pop into mind. These popular queue ropes are ideal for cordoning off exclusive sections or directing traffic spaces with smaller crowds. Stanchions are easy to assemble and sturdy.


These barriers can be used for red carpet events, nightclub demarcation, organising corporate settings and more. The thick rope comes in a variety of colours, so you can always choose the option that best matches your surroundings. The luxurious look of the queue ropes gives these barriers a polished finish.


Retractable Barriers


Retractable barriers are stainless steel poles with nylon belts used for directing the flow of traffic and crowd control. One of the most useful benefits of retractable barriers is the flexibility they provide. You can custom create a queue pattern in minutes by simply adjusting the belts on the poles. The nylon belts are also great for customised printing, so your company’s outstanding logo will add a personal touch. You get to communicate with your clients about navigating the business space instantly. They are easy to store and transport too so that you can use them both inside and outside the office.


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