The Benefits Of Wall-Mounted Barriers For Office And Construction Spaces

Space is of essence in modern living and working. A wall-mounted barrier is therefore a much-needed element that can allow you to send out a message without taking up too much space. If you need to demarcate an area as off-limits or send out a warning about a construction area coming up in an office space, then a wall-mounted barrier is your best bet. It’s much better than a bulky fixed sign that would have to be placed on the floor. It’s stylish, looks professional and is a modern take on crowd control that has other features too.


  • Types Of Wall-Mounted Barriers


There are two main types of wall-mounted barriers you can use for your business. You can choose if the wall-mounted barrier will be a permanent fixture or retractable. The barrier will screw into a wall or flat surface and the retractable part can be mounted onto another wall or similar surface with a magnetic lip. Either way, you can be guaranteed that it will be sturdy as we use only the best quality lightweight steel and PVC material. It can withstand hours of use so it won’t let you down.

You can use a wall-mounted barrier more than once, for multiple projects and in a variety of locations. This is ideally suited for construction companies in office spaces. A wall-mounted barrier also ensures that any property or assets within that demarcated area won’t be at risk of theft or damage, as access to them will be controlled.


  • Tailor Your Barrier To Your Business


Another benefit of wall-mounted barriers is that Crowd Control Systems can tailor your wall-mounted barrier so that it’s easily identifiable. You can choose to have your brand or business logo on the barrier. And there’s another option. You can opt for words that indicate exactly what is going on – for example – CONSTRUCTION AHEAD or OFF-LIMITS. This sends out a clear message and it’s more likely that people will heed your call. Messages can also be printed on both sides – highlighting just how versatile a wall-mounted barrier is.

We have a great range of wall-mounted barriers to choose from – get in touch with us today to find out what solution works best for your crowd control needs.