What are airport barriers and why does your business need them?

Airports have become more commonplace as local and international travel becomes more affordable to the average Australian. According to the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, over five million passengers travelled on domestic commercial airlines in April 2017, and over 54 982 recorded aircraft trips occurred. The number of people passing through Australian airports … Read more

Customise Crowd Management Control With Belt Stanchions As The Ultimate Crowd Guidance Solution

Overflowing crowds is always a good sign of success for a business but anybody having to deal with a line or crowd control knows that this can be a challenging logistical undertaking. Not to mention the dreadful task of having to keep boisterous and excited event-goers under control. Keeping people standing for long periods in … Read more

Retractable Belt Bollards

Retractable Belt Bollards now with wider belts Units are standard with 3m belts – our competitors standard are usually 1.8m or 2m. Retractable Belt Bollards with longer belts Instead of just the regular 1.8m or 2 m retractable belt length. The retractable barriers come at lengths up to 4metres long Providing a lot more flexibility … Read more

Retractable Belt Barriers New Advances in 2013

Retractable Belt Barriers Australian Innovators Crowd Control Systems are always looking for ways to create innovative solutions to problems of organising people into orderly queues and even lines. Because of this they have recently developed the following innovative retractable belt barriers: • Stackable Retractable Barriers • Wheeled Retracta Barriers • 4 Metre free standing Belt … Read more

Retractable Queue Barriers

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Retractable Queue Barriers & Public Queue Management Systems Australian owned and operated company Crowd Control Systems, has helped both small and large institutions effectively guide the public through their facilities. Whilst most companies use the term crowd control we often refer to our range of equipment as queue management systems. This … Read more

Crowd Control Systems: How We’re Different

Crowd Control Systems Australia is Australia’s leading pedestrian barrier supplier, offering a number of customized solutions for crowd control including wall units, retractable barriers, aluminum barriers, safety cassettes, and more. When it comes to choosing solutions for crowd control you will need to choose wisely. We’re different from our competitors, offering a number of exclusive … Read more

Crowd Control System’s – Queue Barrier Exclusive Products

Crowd Control System’s – Queue Barrier Exclusive Products Crowd Control System is Australia’s premiere provider of crowd control solutions. Check out some of our exclusive products that aren’t offered by our competitors. Of course, like all of our products these Crowd Control System exclusives are incredibly safe and durable, made from the highest quality materials, … Read more