Whether free-standing or semi-permanent, wall-mounted or on wheels, retractable belt bollards and barriers provide a lot of flexibility, both in terms of function and aesthetic design. Here we review some of the options available for finding a custom crowd control solution.    Retractable belts for larger crowds   For the retractable belt, the industry standard … Read more

Affordable, effective crowd control equipment from wall stanchions to wall barriers

Does your business frequently deal with heavy foot traffic through its doors? Are you planning  to hold an event that will draw large crowds? If so you will need to be able to control this flow of movement from beginning to end using wall stanchions and other crowd control equipment so that everything goes smoothly … Read more

Customise Crowd Management Control With Belt Stanchions As The Ultimate Crowd Guidance Solution

Overflowing crowds is always a good sign of success for a business but anybody having to deal with a line or crowd control knows that this can be a challenging logistical undertaking. Not to mention the dreadful task of having to keep boisterous and excited event-goers under control. Keeping people standing for long periods in … Read more

Retractable Belt Bollards

Retractable Belt Bollards now with wider belts Units are standard with 3m belts – our competitors standard are usually 1.8m or 2m. Retractable Belt Bollards with longer belts Instead of just the regular 1.8m or 2 m retractable belt length. The retractable barriers come at lengths up to 4metres long Providing a lot more flexibility … Read more

Retractable Belt Barriers New Advances in 2013

Retractable Belt Barriers Australian Innovators Crowd Control Systems are always looking for ways to create innovative solutions to problems of organising people into orderly queues and even lines. Because of this they have recently developed the following innovative retractable belt barriers: • Stackable Retractable Barriers • Wheeled Retracta Barriers • 4 Metre free standing Belt … Read more