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Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers

Crowd Control Systems is a leading Australian supplier of wall mounted retractable barriers. Our top quality product is perfect for its ease of use in creating effective barriers and setting up temporary queues when the need arises.

Our range of wall mount barriers and stanchion systems are suitable to be used in a diverse variety of settings including hotels, trade shows and restaurants. If you need a barrier to restrict spaces or create aisles, then our barrier products offer the best option as they can be conveniently fitted to doorways, freeing up floor space. We supply wall mount retractable barriers in different lengths, recessed wall mount belt barriers and stainless steel wall belt stanchion.

All our top-quality products are made from only the best and most robust materials available on the market. We stand by our products and are confident that they are up to any task you may require of them.

Benefits of Crowd Control Systems wall mounted retractable barriers
  • Products are available in either stainless steel or PVC
  • Design features a retracta-belt mounting system with its patented braking safety cassettes
  • We offer custom logo or advertisement printing on belt of queue barrier systems and stanchion products
  • Wall mounted belt stanchion units come complete with opposite side brackets
  • The maximum PVC belt length is 10m, with a standard belt length of 3m in stainless steel and 5m for the PVC wall units
  • Custom belt colours length and casings are available on request. The standard colour is red, black, yellow/black, blue and red/white
Let our crowd management range simplify controlling crowds, whether it is to regulate foot traffic or control lines, we have the most reliable option for your event. For solid crowd control make us your preferred supplier of high quality crowd control products at the best prices.

Get in touch with us today and discuss your crowd control needs with us.