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When you connect a barrier to a wall, you can be sure that it will be much harder for people to ignore, move or pass through. A wall mounted barrier can span any length you need it to as it relies on a link of several retractable belt barrier stanchions from one wall to another. You can use it in many crowd control scenarios, such as marking off an area reserved for staff and personnel, to demarcating a hazardous area as a prohibited zone to a wall. It also acts as a theft deterrent. There are no limits to how you can use yours and some of our clients have even connected one side of their barriers to a car or trailer and the other to the wall.




Depending on your needs, we can arrange a variety of fixtures for you. If you plan to reuse your wall mounted barrier in different locations, we recommend that you choose a removable or magnetic mounted fixture. If you’re looking for a more permanent wall installation, we can offer you semi-permanent to permanent fixed and clamp wall mount applications.




How your wall mounted barrier ends up looking is up to you. We can also add logos to your barrier so that your brand is immediately identifiable.


We offer many different colours, as well as customised messaging and safety strips. This is handy, as a barrier alone is often not enough to deter access. Adding a message such as “STAFF ONLY” or “DANGER: RESTRICTED AREA” is an additional way to tell people to pay attention to the sign.


Our wall mounted barriers are made of lightweight but strong steel and PVC material, able to stand the test of time as well as extended hours of use.


We invite you to contact Crowd Control Systems today to learn more about our full range of wall mounted retractable barriers and their variations. All you need to do is complete our contact form or call us directly, so we can help you select the best option for your business and its needs.