Your one-day-only clearance sale is on next week, you’ve built the hype, and now your business must prepare for crowd access to this limited stock within your store.


Or maybe you’re expecting a high profile celeb and her friends at your nightclub, but you’ve promised to keep photographers and fans at bay. What about protecting valuable artwork at the expo you’ve arranged or what do you do if you need people to form orderly queues when you open to sell tickets for a music festival? You need effective and safe crowd control solutions. The last thing you need is for a customer, employee or member of the public to get injured.


Retractable belt barriers


These kinds of barriers are perfect for forming temporary queues or semi-permanent zones. Depending on the type of event, the site and expected visitor numbers, there are options available in durable and weather-proof materials. But before you rush ahead with plans, there’s another feature you’ll want to investigate: safety.


Did you know that some retractable belt barriers snap back at dangerously high speeds? A retracting belt going at 80km per hour has the power to break a bone or cause a very painful injury. What if a customer accidentally retracts the belt or a child fiddles with it while waiting in line? You need to ensure that you hire your crowd control solutions from a reputable company like ours, which stocks only the best-quality, safety-tested equipment.


Innovative safety features


When you’re exploring retractable belt barriers, it’s important to look for technology that retracts at reasonable speeds to prevent accidental injury. That is why Crowd Control Systems has developed a slower retracting mechanism that provides enhanced safety standards to prevent injury to curious hands. They also feature a belt clip and lock to prevent accidental release.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that our retractable belt barriers aren’t robust. They’re sturdy and stable, designed not to fall over, while the rubber-ringed base prevents marks on the floor.


Finally, just because you’re seeking a functional solution, doesn’t mean you are prepared to overlook visual appeal. We haven’t forgotten aesthetics. You can choose between various elegant metal finishes and belt colours. Visit us for a full range of safe and reliable crowd control solutions.

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