Whether free-standing or semi-permanent, wall-mounted or on wheels, retractable belt bollards and barriers provide a lot of flexibility, both in terms of function and aesthetic design. Here we review some of the options available for finding a custom crowd control solution. 


Retractable belts for larger crowds


For the retractable belt, the industry standard is 2 metres, but most customers prefer the flexibility of extending this to 3 metres even for indoor spaces, shopping centres and showrooms. A further extension of 4 metres provides an even better control solution on roadsides, warehouses or factories. 


Stylish posts and customised belt printing


Don’t compromise on visual appeal when choosing a barrier. Matt black or rust-proof aluminium bollards look stylish in any setting, but beneath their elegance is a robust frame and stable domed base that won’t tip. Belt colours can be chosen to suit your branding, or printed according to specification. Classic yellow and black striped belts are available for safety barriers. 


Braking cassettes


This unique feature releases tension barriers at a safer speed to prevent harm. Many cheap, low-quality tension barriers don’t have braking cassettes and will release at dangerous speeds, which ultimately may result in costly injuries. 


A lasting, eco-friendly finish for your posts


Gleaming stainless steel or powder coated stanchions don’t just look good. They’re durable, weatherproof and won’t look tacky after a few months of use. Powder coating technology is also an environmentally safe, or ‘green’ option.


Double retractable barriers


If you need a little extra height or a lower barrier for smaller children too, double retractable barriers are highly visible and robust solutions.


Stackable barriers


If you have limited storage space, stackable barriers are space saving solutions when they’re packed away and fit into each other.


Wall-mounted barriers


If it’s your floor space that’s limited, then a wall-mounted barrier is the perfect solution. These can be permanently installed so that belts can be extended when necessary, or removable fixtures can be mounted for different locations. The fixtures can sport your logo or other messages such as “STAFF ONLY” or “DANGER”. 


There’s a shape, form and function to suit any crowd situation. Contact us if you would like advice on choosing the right barrier for your needs.

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