All You Need to Know About Stanchions

Stanchions are an important tool in crowd control. They help in cordoning off areas, creating breaks in an otherwise chaotic situation. They also help in maintaining order by forcing people to form queues. There are a number of stanchions available in the market today. These come in varied price ranges and many designs. Let us look at some of the options available in the market today.

Economic Stanchions: On the lower end of the market we have plastic and metal stanchions. The plastic stanchions are lightweight and portable. The metal stanchions, available in steel and aluminum, come with retractable belts with clips on the end. The belts are wound inside the stanchions. The stanchions have clips on all four ends, so that you can have varied options.

Octagonal Stanchions:Falling in the middle range, these stanchions are differentiated by octagonal posts. They have all the usual features like retractable belts with locking mechanism. However, they have a longer rope length. This means that you can cover a larger area or form longer partitions using these stanchions. The choices in belt colors is also wider, giving you a greater choice.

High-end Stanchions: If you want something fancy and posh, the market today has many options for you. These take the humble stanchion post and posh them up. So, now you have more choices in posts with even gold finishes. Most of them also carry rubber base to avoid scratching the floor. Another deluxe touch comes from replacing the utilitarian belts with ropes that are covered with velour. There is a really wide choice when it comes to the rope colors. If you want, you can also get these accessorized with frames, holders or signs.

Stanchions are important in crowd control and can be seen everywhere. With the wide variety of choices in the market today, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

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