Powder Coating: The Ultimate Finishing Process

You might not know it but you are surrounded by thousands of powder coated products that have won their way into our everyday lives, from appliances to architecture. Since its introduction, half a century ago, powder coating has revolutionised manufacturing processes giving products a superior quality finish that is durable, environmentally friendly and highly aesthetic. Worldwide there is a rising demand for powder coating that goes to prove its undisputed prevalence in industrial uses.

An Attractive and Clean Finish
To put it in a nutshell, powder coating is a dry type of finish that consists of a mixture of polymer resins, pigments and additives which is electrostatically applied upon metal or non-metallic surfaces and then cured and cooled to produce a uniform, texture-free coating. The result is an attractive finish of exquisite gloss with even coverage throughout that – unlike conventionally painted surfaces – shows next to no differences between horizontally and vertically coated surfaces.
Since no liquid paints are used in the process the end product is free of unattractive paint runs or sags with the added bonus that far less – if any – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air. The latter makes powder coating the most environmentally and user friendly choice as far as product finishes are concerned, since it is highly efficient when it comes to energy material and because no solvents or thinners are required. In fact, this process is so “clean” that it has been deemed compliant with the most stringent air pollution legislation controls.

Superior Durability
Moreover, the powder coating technique requires a thicker than usual coating. This provides a rough finish that adds to the durability and longevity of the product it protects. In fact, the mechanical aspects of powder coating are what make this method so efficient and desirable. Products that have been powder coated tend to be highly corrosion and abrasion resistant as well as extremely resilient to chipping, peeling, cracking, and even fading due to constant exposure to sunlight and the elements. Not even chemicals and solvents can bypass their tough armour!
Practically speaking, this means that your powder coated products will show exceptional longevity, superior wear and tear resistance, while they will maintain their original off the production line appeal for years to come with little or no maintenance.

All in all, a powder coated product looks fab yet wears like a champion, it is “green” yet economical and it’s meant to last for decades. So why not consider having it on your stanchions? After all, you certainly wouldn’t want your stanchions to look all worn out and “cheap” after a couple of months of use.

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