Prepare For The Tourist Season With Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

If you’re a business that frequently deals with crowds then you’ll know that the November to February parts of the year are when Australia is most like to experience crowding. Accommodation sells out in advance as people from all over the world (especially those from the Northern Hemisphere) trade their cold and gloomy winter for one in a sunny country filled with amazing scenery, beaches and tourist attractions. If your business will be impacted by these numbers, you need to ensure you can manage the crowds expected which means implementing wall mounted retractable belt barriers and other crowd control devices.


Controlling Crowds


A very large amount of people packing a space in a short time period raises many concerns. The biggest is safety, as crowds can quickly become uncontrollable and lead to people being pushed and shoved or even worse, trampled underfoot. There are also other negative side effects of not being able to control a crowd. It can lead to property damage and can mean that you won’t be able to properly cater to each customer and give them the attention they deserve. If a person sees an orderly queue outside your business they’re less likely to get a negative impression of it, compared to having them fight to get your notice in a sea of faces.


Major tourist destinations such as Venice and Capri have started to implement crowd control measures. This has taken the form of them installing checkpoints via barriers to channel travel traffic and prevent certain routes from becoming congested. This has allowed locals to go about their day with less disruption and officials hope it will allow visitors to be able to have a more relaxed experience.


Why Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers?


A great option for crowd control is a wall mounted retractable barrier. This barrier can be linked to others to form a barrier that’s as long in length as required. It can be affixed to a wall through drilling or clamping so that nobody will be able to remove it, but the barrier itself can be removed or shortened as its retractable. It can even be branded according to your business or given safety alert colours to keep bystanders safe.

If you’re interested in investing in wall mounted retractable barriers for your business, contact us today to discuss your options.