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Quality Barrier Posts And Ropes For Any Situation

Whatever you require barrier posts and ropes for, you expect them to last you a long time. After all, you’re going to be using them more than once and you don’t want to put them in storage only to discover months later that they’ve disintegrated. With Crowd Control Systems you can rest assured that all our products are required to meet certain quality standards. We understand how important it is to your security to have something that will withstand wear and tear and outdoor and indoor use, so we make sure that all the components of the products we offer are of a certain quality. We won’t sell a product that does not meet our standards and we have substantial quality control checks in place to enforce this.

What To Expect From A Quality Barrier Rope

A barrier rope is an attractive and effective way of demarcating one area from another. The last thing you want is one that starts to fray or burst, as this will just cheapen your business’s appearance and how it’s perceived. Many crowd control companies rely on cheap low-quality rope that will lose their colour and fray before you know it, but we don’t.

At Crowd Control Systems we only use high quality braided nylon with a diameter of 22mm to prevent fraying and provide a high-quality look and feel. It’s something that is both eye catching and what people will immediately respond to when you use it in public. Our barrier ropes currently come in the standard colours of Red, Black and Blue, but other colours are available for special order. Our standard lengths for barrier ropes are two metres, but again, longer lengths are available by arrangement should you require it. 

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For more information on ordering barrier posts and ropes from Crowd Control Systems or to find out more about any of the other products we have in stock, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today or to complete the contact form you will find on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and matching you with the best crowd control products for your business and its needs.