Replacement Barrier Cassettes

Product Code: RC   
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Replacement Barrier Cassettes

Product Code: RC   
In-Stock  80

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Lookwise and specification are same for both the barriers, only difference is base. Classic barrier base is made up of concrete and Premium base is made up of Iron.

Slow-retract Safety Cassettes

Our new patented safety cassette conforms to OH&S requirements and retracts at a safer speed so not to cause bodily injury. Some of our competitor’s products retract at dangerously high-speeds, up to 80 kilometers per an hour.

Our Replacement Cassettes are 50mm webbing belt that extends up to 3M/4M and has four-way connectivity, ensuring that you can connect the units at any angle you need. Our webbing retractable belt comes in three standard colours: Black, Red, or Blue. Other colours available on special request. Slow retracting belts for safety.

  • Cassette: Braking System Cassette
  • Belt Length: 3 Metre / 4 Metre
  • 4 Way Connectivity
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