Crowd Control System’s – Queue Barrier Exclusive Products

Crowd Control System’s – Queue Barrier Exclusive Products

Crowd Control System is Australia’s premiere provider of crowd control solutions. Check out some of our exclusive products that aren’t offered by our competitors. Of course, like all of our products these Crowd Control System exclusives are incredibly safe and durable, made from the highest quality materials, and are fully backed by our 7-year guarantee.

Aluminum barriers: Created after extensive product research and development by our engineers, our aluminum barriers are carefully constructed from 100% rust proof aluminum, ensuring durability. They can be used inside or outside without any fear of rusting, even if they have been exposed to the elements. Black plastic cover cases fit tightly over our standard cast steel base, while the bottom of the base boasts a rubber ring to protect your floor from any kind of damage.

10 metre wall mounted retractable barriers: Wall mounted barriers are the perfect way to seal off a doorway, whether temporarily or permanently. Available in a variety of colors, including red, black, and yellow/black striped, these retractable barriers can be used in a wide variety of different locations, including hotels, nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants.

Stackable barriers: When you have restricted storage space, our stackable retractable barriers are the perfect solution. Our stackable barriers feature a stainless steel base and high tensile tubing. Each barrier is carefully constructed to specially fit over the base of each stackable system, which substantially reduces required storage space. In order to prevent any kind of damage, each base is covered in a thick, longwearing rubber pad. This keeps the barriers in prime condition, preventing any kind of scratches or nicks. Of course, like all of our products our stackable barriers are totally covered by our 7-year guarantee.

Wheeled barriers: Our wheeled barriers are the ideal crowd control solution, easily transportable and highly mobile. Wheels are conveniently installed in the base of the barrier. When you need to move the barrier to a new location all you need to do is roll it. Crowd control solutions have never been so mobile. It’s perfect for situations when you need temporary crowd control, such as concerts or sporting events.

4 metre retractable barriers: Our state-of-the-art four-meter retractable barrier is on the cutting edge of crowd control technology. It is perfect for controlling large queues, spanning an impressive 4 metres from barrier to barrier. The retractable barrier offers our exclusive, patented slow-retract safety mechanism, ensuring safety.

Barrier trolleys: When you need to move or store your crowd control barriers our exclusive barrier trolley is the solution. It smoothly fits up to 18 units, either retractable barriers or rope barriers, and takes up a mere 0.86 m2 of floor space. All in all, it is incredibly compact, highly mobile, and totally convenient. With barrier trolleys, crowd control has never been so easy.

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