Retractable Belt Barriers New Advances in 2013

Retractable Belt Barriers Australian Innovators
Crowd Control Systems are always looking for ways to create innovative solutions to problems of organising people into orderly queues and even lines.
Because of this they have recently developed the following innovative retractable belt barriers:
• Stackable Retractable Barriers
• Wheeled Retracta Barriers
• 4 Metre free standing Belt Barriers
• Semi Permanent Rope
• Retractable Belt Barriers
• Barrier Storage trolleys.
The Stackable Barrier Systems has a cut out in the base that allows the units to be stacked on top of each other when not in use.
They have a full rubber seal to protect them when being stored to ensure they are not scratched,
The Wheeled Retractable Barriers or Ball Top Posts allow the units to be easily moved to different locations. They have small wheels incorporated in to the bases so you just wheel them to the next location without any heavy lifting.
The 4 Metre Belt Retractable Belt Barriers provide a barrier twice as long as the standard units and provides great coverage when large areas need to be delineated.
Dedicated specialised storage trolleys have been developed to easily move large numbers of trolleys around.
There are 2 very innovative barrier models designated Semi Permanent Barriers.
These are great where clients need more permanent retractable belt barriers installed. These are great where customers may be able to pick up and move free standing units or try to use them as weapons as has happened at Sydney airport.
One type has a small base that can be dynabolted into concrete and can be moved when the dynabolts are removed the stainless steel post is screwed into this base.
The other unit has a base that can be fitted into a hole drilled into the concrete. The post is then fitted into this base When not in use a small cap can be placed over the hole
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