Retractable Belt Bollards

Retractable Belt Bollards now with wider belts
Units are standard with 3m belts – our competitors standard are usually 1.8m or 2m.

Retractable Belt Bollards with longer belts
Instead of just the regular 1.8m or 2 m retractable belt length. The retractable barriers come at lengths up to 4metres long Providing a lot more flexibility to customers
Semi Permanent Retractable Belt Bollards
There are new exclusive semi permanent barriers available they have a small round base that can be fixed to concrete with expandable bolts. These bases can be fairly easily removed If required. The belt cassette at the head of the unit has been designed to be able to be turned through 360 degrees to give total flexibility when fitted. These barriers prevent people from readily picking up the units and from using them as a weapon.
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Stanchions for Crowd Control Barriers
Stanchions can be used to direct customers or as crowd control barriers.
As businesses and organisations develop the need sometimes arise to control customers queuing habits so into an orderly manner.
Portable stanchions, tens a barriers, or the traditional post and rope are ideal methods to induce customers to queue evenly and in an orderly manner.
These same stanchion barriers can also be used to differentiate areas where people may not be allowed to enter.
Portable stanchions come in multiple forms and are known as many names such as retractable barriers, classic ball top posts and ropes, wall mounted retractable barriers, bollards and outdoor barriers.
The stanchion known as the retractable barrier are usually a hollow posts with a cassette of a 3 metre webbing belt in the post head. They also have a substantial heavy steel base to ensure stability.
The belt can be pulled out to any length up to 3 metres and connected to an adjoining posts. The ideal thing about these stanchions are that the posts have three points where the belt can be connected so that virtually any shaped space or line can be created.
The stanchion belts are available in various colours and the posts and base covers are available in stainless steel or black powder coating.
Stanchions – Classic Ball Top Posts and Ropes
If a location or business needs a more formal presentation, the ideal solution are the ball top posts and ropes.
These formally presented stanchions are available in stainless steel and gold titanium with barrier ropes being available in many colours including red, black, blue, maroon and gold.
The ball top stanchion also come with matching child proof clip ends.
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