Retractable bollards – the stylish, effective way to keep order

There is no quicker way to ruin your customers’ or potential customers’ experience of your event – or visit to your business – than to let chaos rein. People need to know where to go and they and expect you to provide them with an orderly way of achieving what they need to. This could include entering a building, buying tickets, queuing for information, food, etc. When you need to manage a crowd and direct people to specific points, retractable bollards – also known as retractable barriers – are the ideal solution.


Crowd Control Systems provides a wide range of retractable barriers, and your needs will dictate which is right for you. As different as they are, however, they all have one important feature in common: they’re extremely robust and safe to use.


Minimal risk of tipping


We have fine-tuned the design of our retractable bollards so ensure that the risk of them falling or tipping over is as small as possible thanks to their 360mm bases. They stand firm even when used to manage heavy crowds, and the rubber ring under the bases protects both the floor and bollard from damage. Most retractable bollards on the market offer a 2m belt, but our standard models boast a 3m belt.


Safety first


To ensure the safety of both the crowd and the team who installs them, Crowd Control Systems’ retractable bollards have an exclusive, built-in safety feature, called Safety Cassettes. These Safety Casettes prevent the belts from springing back too fast when released, which can cause injury. You can prevent the belt being accidentally released thanks to our belt clip and lock system.


A wide range to choose from


We are confident that our range of retractable bollards is extensive enough to meet any need. It includes:


  • 3m and 4m black Retractable Bollards
  • Double Retractable Bollards
  • Rust-proof Aluminium Retractable Bollards
  • Semi-Permanent Retractable Bollards
  • Stackable Queue Barriers
  • Retractable Barriers on Wheels


 All our products are very easy to set up and you can choose webbing in the length you require. We also offer stainless steel poles for those looking for a sophisticated edge and a more durable barrier.


Guaranteed peace of mind


Because of our uncompromising high standards, we have absolute confidence in the durability of our retractable bollards. That’s why we offer a seven-year-warranty on the entire range. Our confidence guarantees that you can have confidence in our products to manage crowds and keep them safe. We deliver across Australia, so give us a call today.