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Retractable Crowd Control Barrier – Are They Safe in the Public Domain?
Overcome the Occupational Health and Safety concerns of using a Retractable Crowd Control Barrier.
Cheap and inferior versions of a retractable crowd control barrier will instantly and violently ‘fly back’ when prying little hands or indeed even older people decide to undo the belts from the bollards or stanchions. Simply by unclipping the connecting belt – a cheap retractable crowd control barrier will automatically start to retract – quickly fly-back – into its own holder.
Because of the speed of retraction and the heavy connection point at the end of the belt, this can result in serious injury to eyes, heads or hands, to anyone near the retractable crowd control barrier.
This is clearly an OHS risk to the general public – where most (if not all), retractable crowd control barriers are commonly used.
A Safe Retractable Crowd Control Barrier Is Now Available
Concerned with the issue of public safety, Crowd Control Systems has solved this problem with a new patented safety lock system.
Instead of returning quickly and dangerously the new system allows the belt to return slowly into the retractable barrier so that there can be no danger of injury.
This safety system is now used on Crowd Control Systems full range of barriers including 3 and 4 metre Retractable Belt Barriers, 3 and 10 Metre Wall Mounted Barriers , Stackable Retractable and Wheeled Retractable Barriers.
Enquire about the new safe and OHS friendly retractable crowd control barriers from Crowd Control Systems today.

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