Safety Cassette

Slow-retract Safety Cassettes:

All of Our Tension Barriers come with the New Safety Cassette.

Our new patented safety cassette conforms to OH&S requirements and retracts at a safer speed so not to cause bodily injury.

Competitor’s tension barriers can shoot back at speeds of up to 80 km per hour:

Some of our competitor’s products retract at dangerously high-speeds, up to 80 kilometers per an hour. These speeds can inflict serious bodily harm on employees as they are retracting the belts if they aren’t careful. It could also feasibly seriously harm a customer if they were to inadvertently retract the belt. All in all, belts retracting at such speeds are a serious liability risk. Astoundingly, a belt retracting at such a high speed could potentially break a bone. Crowd Control Systems is committed to safety; we offer patented, slow retracting technology on all of our belts. This ensures that belts retract at reasonable speeds, preventing both employee and customer injuries. Our patented technology also fully conforms to OH&S requirements. Our new patented tension barriers safety cassette prevents injuries to both children and adults with its slow retraction mechanism.

Beware of Cheaper Competitors Tension Barriers

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