Tension Barrier – Three Metre Belts The New Standard

Crowd Control Systems now provides 3 metre belts as their new standard for their exclusive retractable tension barrier.
By using the patented 3 metre safety belt cassette system with their traditional retractable post , this creates a 3 metre long belt tension barrier.
The 3m belt tension barrier now gives you far more value and provides much greater value and flexibility in usage.
Get a quote today on all your tension barrier needs – 1.5 x More Tension Barrier for Your Money
This provides you with basically 1.5 times more belt barrier for a similar price to the standard barriers of all other suppliers. The cassettes also incorporate the patented safety belt system, which will avoid any violent belt ‘fly back’ which can cause serious injury to persons standing near the tension barrier.
The 3 metre belt has also been incorporated into the wall mounted units. This provides even more flexibility for customers where there is not enough space for traditional base mounted units.
There is also a 3 metre wall mounted tension barrier that can be recessed into a space behind a wall so that the unit doesn’t stick out from a wall.
This hidden barrier provides a more professional look and is exclusive to Crowd Control Systems.
Get a quote today on all your tension barrier needs.

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