Which type of retractable bollard is best for your business?

Retractable bollards have a wide variety of applications for businesses in Australia. They can be used to block off or restrict access to certain areas of a parking lot or outdoor space and can also be used to designate safe and unsafe areas for your employees and the public. If your business is thinking about investing in a retractable bollard, there are quite a few options to consider.


Here are the various types of bollards you can choose from:




If you’re looking for a permanent bollard that can offer your business increased security, then this would be the one to select. A fixed bollard is embedded into the ground using concrete or steel.


A fixed bollard is best for long-term use, because of the strength of the materials. It’s suitable for businesses with a layout that isn’t likely to change in the near future and for a location where the floor is stable enough to support the stake.




The main difference between this bollard and others is that it acts as a visual marker to communicate valuable information. A decorative bollard can be used to prevent unauthorised access, but it usually isn’t permanent and can be moved as required.


Many businesses use them around storefronts and in expos and exhibitions to advertise their brand while demarcating an area. Decorative bollards are relatively easy to customise, and you have plenty of choice in their final appearance.




For times when access restriction needs will change, this is the best option. One side is usually locked into place or mounted on a wall, and the other side is secured in place with an internal mechanism. Removable bollards are a good choice when access needs to be provided or revoked quickly. It is a popular choice in areas where foot traffic needs to be controlled and directed, as well as to designate driving, waiting and parking areas.


No matter what you need a retractable bollard for, Crowd Control Systems can help you find one for your business, whether you need a permanent bollard, one you can move around or one that gives you total control. Which will you choose?

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