Understanding How Stanchions And Ropes Do More Than Just Look Good

Nothing spells red carpet, royal treatment and an event with finesse better than classy stanchions and ropes. They are aesthetically pleasing and functional too. It’s almost like an unsaid rule – if your guests aren’t sure where they should be going to, the stanchions and ropes help to direct them in an orderly fashion.

It helps create the hype of finally reaching an event and being greeted in style, even before they see the host or hostess. And it’s versatile. Any event can benefit from stanchions and ropes – from birthday parties to corporate events. It would be a nice touch for your year-end event to if you’re busy planning that now.


  • Keep Out Unwanted Guests


In keeping with the shape of the stanchions and ropes, your event becomes streamlined and looks professional. It also means unwanted guests can easily be identified as they wouldn’t want to walk through the stanchions and ropes only to have to walk out. This helps assure your invited guests that you take their safety and security seriously. In addition, by directing your guests with stanchions and ropes, you’re keeping foot traffic in areas off-limits to a minimum. This can be disruptive especially for staged events where you want guests to focus on the activities or speakers at hand.

What’s more is that the stanchions and ropes can be coordinated to complement the theme, colours and feel of your event. Our stanchions are available in gold or silver and the ropes come in a range of colours. The ropes are thick and therefore make good barriers for crowd control, and you can also rest assured that our stanchions are strong and durable. We pay careful attention to maintaining them so that they always give off a polished look, so that they can be placed in a variety of areas and are easy to maneuver.


  • Make It Permanent


Stanchions and ropes are not just for once-off events. They can be a permanent fixture at hotels, lobbies, banks and event venues that generally attract crowds of people all-year round. These are establishments that take crowd control seriously and want to give their customers the best possible experience. Why not join them?

Whatever your needs, contact Crowd Control Systems today to find out more about our wide selection of stanchions and ropes.