Retractable Barriers Australia Wide Delivery

Our retractable barriers are well suited for managing crowds or forming temporary queues in places of business such as hotels, banks, train stations, airports, night clubs and movie houses and trade shows and exhibitions Our longlist of retractable barriers includes:
  • 3 Metre Black Retractable Barriers (also available in 4 metre retractable barrier)
  • Double Retractable Barriers
  • Rust Proof Aluminium Retractable Barriers
  • Semi-Permanent Retractable Barriers
  • Stackable Queue Barriers
  • Wheeled Retractable Barriers
These are all easy to set up with webbing available in different sized lengths.

Robust retractable barrier design

At Crowd Control Systems we have perfected the design of our retractable barriers to offer ultra-strong robust barriers that feature a stable 360mm domed base. The design minimises the risk of injury due to tipping or falling over. Our standard retractable products feature a 3 metre belt, a significant improvement on the industry standard which is at most 2 metres. This is in addition to a rubber ring base that serves to protect the floor and the product.

Aesthetic appeal

Being functional does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice on visual appeal. This is why we offer barriers with stainless steel poles to promote durability as well as aesthetic appeal.

Guaranteed alternatives

Our retractable barriers are so robust and well-made, that we’re confident enough to put a 7-year warrantee on all our retractable barrier products, and that includes all items in the range, from our economy range all the way up to our premium products. You’d need to look far and wide to find a better TensaBarrier alternative than our retractable crowd control solutions.

Safe crowd control management

Keeping crowd and crew safety top of mind, we have developed an exclusive safety feature integrated into our retractable product design – Safety Cassettes. The slow-retract feature is standard and helps to avoid causing injury to hands when the belt springs back. This product also features a belt clip and lock which protects against accidental release of the belt. Deal with managing crowds easily and effectively with the innovative range of retractable barriers available from Crowd Control Systems. Contact us today. We deliver Australia-wide.